It’s not over, yet…

In October 2020 the board of Copmanthorpe Primary School Governors voted to withdraw their support for our Project to renovate and reopen the swimming pool for school and community use, and since then progress has been on hold and further complicated by the COVID pandemic.

On Monday 22nd March, three members of Copmanthorpe Community Pool met four representatives of the Governors on Zoom (including the chair, deputy chair, and headteacher) to discuss their concerns and to put forward some options for the Governors to consider. The representatives have agreed to put these options to their next Full Governors Board meeting on 22nd May 2021.

We hope that the Board will accept our proposal to split the Project into smaller stages, with an earlier re-opening and later extension after further fundraising, and cooperate with us in completing the Project. With the Governors’ support we would aim to obtain a community asset transfer of the pool and reopen it as a facility for the community, with minimal funding, completing only the essential work, with this work completed as soon as possible after the lifting of COVID restrictions.

In the meantime, we will continue to clarify the funding situation (currently still impacted by COVID) including details of the Community Ownership Fund recently announced by the UK Government, which is particularly relevant to our Project as it supports communities in taking over and running assets that would otherwise be lost. We will similarly clarify design details, stages, costs, and other practical matters for the Governors’ May meeting.

We thank everyone for your continuing support, which the nearly £1500 we have received in Pledges in March alone demonstrates. If the Board of Governors vote to accept our proposal, we will be looking for offers of help to clear out the pool building and put up fencing over the summer break, as well as quotes from local businesses. We would love to hear from anyone who can provide expertise and time on the project, or who has contacts who could give reasonable quotes for swimming pool plant machinery, such as a new boiler and filtration system.

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