Help Out

Copmanthorpe Sink or Swim is run entirely by volunteers and we are always grateful for others to help out. Our project to reopen the School swimming pool as Copmanthorpe Community Pool involves many tasks, large and small. We have working groups for different areas. The current progress for each working group is described in our meeting minutes. Please email the group(s) you would like to help out, or use our contact page for general offers of help.

Grant Writing

The majority of costs to renovate and reopen the pool will need to come from charitable grants. This group is responsible for writing and submitting applications to relevant funders.


Reopening the pool involves various legal and governance matters including the lease of the pool from City of York Council, and writing a safeguarding policy and risk assessments. This group is responsible for these matters including correspondce with the School and City of York Council.

Local Fundraising

We need to raise money to reopen the pool ourselves – most charitable funders require that we do this alongside any grants they give us (what’s called “match funding”). This groups is responsible for local fundraising, including the Sink or Win village lottery.


Spreading the word about the pool project is very important – raising awareness of the project, sharing our progress, promoting fundraising activities, and encouraging pledges, donations and offers of help. This group is responsible for our communications in the village newsletter, our website, and on Facebook and Twitter.