Community Survey Results

In early 2020 we commissioned a community survey to give local people an opportunity to shape the activities and facilities provided by the swimming pool should our project to renovate and reopen the pool be successful. We also hoped that survey responses would demonstrate local support for the pool, which would then make a stronger case for grant awards in our applications. The results of the community survey, published in April 2020, are largely positive. The full report can be downloaded below. This page summarises some key findings.

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The community survey was coordinated by Imagine Projects and conducted in March 2020. Survey questions were devised following a meeting with local stakeholders including the School and Parish Council in January, and two open-invite focus groups in February. Copmanthorpe does not qualify as a deprived area, being York’s least deprived ward and in the top 5% of affluent communities nationally. This means that Copmanthorpe Community Pool cannot make a case for funding based on being in a deprived area and must instead demonstrate that the pool is both wanted and likely to be used by a sufficient number of people.

Response Numbers

The total population of Copmanthorpe Ward eligible for surveying was 3199 (out of a total of 4161) and we needed to receive 429 or more responses from people aged 18 or over in order for the results to be statistically representative according to the methodology used. We received 294 responses from people aged 18 and over, and 312 responses in total (the findings given below are from this full set of responses). The response rate was affected by the Covid-19 lockdown and associated social distancing measures that came into effect during March, which meant that planned face-to-face interviews and visits to local community groups could not take place. So, the response rate was reasonable given the circumstances.

Survey responses by location, from supplied postcodes
Survey responses by location, from supplied postcodes

Copmanthorpe Wants to Keep its Swimming Pool

Survey responses overwhelmingly show people want to keep the pool. Copmanthorpe already has a swimming pool – the School pool. Our project is about renovating and reopening this pool for the whole community, not about building a new pool. The survey therefore asked “how important is it to you that Copmanthorpe keeps its pool?” 79% of people (244 responses) responded that this was very important or extremely important.

Responses to question 2
Responses to question 2 “how important is it to you that Copmanthorpe keeps its pool?”

Copmanthorpe Knows About Sink or Swim

Survey responses show that 94% of people know about the Sink or Swim project to renovate and reopen the pool 93% know about the Copmanthorpe Community Pool charity.

Copmanthorpe Would Use the Pool for Lots of Activities

82% of people responded that they would use the community swimming pool for a large variety of activities. Responses to the multiple choice question “how would you use the pool?” show that people would use the pool for exercise (60%), children’s swimming lessons (43%), open swimming sessions (47%s), and recreation (33%), amongst other things.

Responses to question 13:
Responses to question 13: “how would you use the pool?”

Copmanthorpe Wants the New Facilities We Plan To Include

Another multiple choice question asked people what new facilities they wanted for Copmanthorpe Community Pool. Responses confirmed that the facilities included in the specification for the renovated pool are what people want, including upgraded toilets (91%) and showers (82%).

Responses to question 15:
Responses to question 15: “what new facilities would you like to see at the pool?”

People Travel to Swim, But Travelling Can Be Difficult

People are prepared to travel to swim elsewhere. Question 3 asked “where do you currently swim,” with the most frequent responses being Tadcaster Pool (74 responses), Better Energise in Acomb (68 responses), and York Sports Village near the University East Campus. However, responses to question 16 indicate that difficulty accessing pools in York (47 responses) and Copmanthorpe’s poor bus service (36 responses) are issues for many people. This reinforces the need for a swimming pool within the village for those who would struggle to travel elsewhere to swim.

Response to question 16:
Response to question 16: “do any of the following affect your quality of life?”