Copmanthorpe Sink or Swim are raising money to save the old Copmanthorpe Primary School swimming pool and reopen it as a facility for the whole community. You can help by buying a ticket for the village lottery, making a donation, or supping some Sink or Swim Ale!

The Story So Far…

In March 2016 the Primary School swimming pool closed after a flood damaged the boiler. A brief survey showed bigger problems and the school was unable to meet the large estimated costs of repairing the pool and maintaining it into the future. From May 2017, a small group formed to explore whether the pool might be taken over by and run for the community, and feedback at our stalls at Copmanthorpe May Fair and Carnival suggested that the village wants the pool.

Since then, as well as local fundraising, detailed surveys have been completed, a business plan written, meetings with City of York Council and the school held, and an application for charity status made. In June 2019, Copmanthorpe Community Pool became a registered charity (number: 1184136). Now we are working hard applying for grants and raising funds to get enough money for the renovations needed before the pool can re-open.

Further details are in our monthly meeting minutes.